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Delivering Services with Equality and Diversity

Delivering Services with Equality and Diversity for CALD Communities and beyond

Wafi Care aims to represent inclusivity, assuring that there is no discrimination against individuals from CALD backgrounds. We stand firm in this commitment and strive to manifest it through various operational aspects. These include encouraging diversity in our recruitment and selection processes for new staff members, offering training to our staff on CALD communities, and aligning NDIS participants with support workers who match their background or ethnicity, if they express such a preference.

CALD Communities NDIS Provider

Embracing Cultural and Linguistic Diversity at Wafi Care: Harnessing the Power of CALD Communities

Wafi Care recognises the diverse cultural and linguistic spectrum of the communities we serve. We value the unique contributions that individuals from CALD backgrounds can bring and what can be achieved by having a versatile team from CALD Communities. Our compact team, comprising support workers, office staff, and management, boasts fluency in over 30 languages collectively.

Social Connectivity and Community Involvement

Social Connectivity and Community Involvement

Wafi Care acknowledges the unique challenges that individuals from CALD backgrounds often encounter. These barriers can range from matters of inclusion and stigma to pre-migration trauma and communication difficulties. Furthermore, institutional racism, insufficient local community knowledge, and a lack of understanding about community organisations dedicated to CALD groups, all pose significant challenges.

We acknowledge the critical need to tackle these cultural barriers within the disability sector. Our goal is to help individuals, those from CALD backgrounds, living with disabilities by dismantling these societal hurdles. We ensure that people from CALD backgrounds have access to mainstream services and can actively participate in their communities.