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Assist Travel Transport Support

Assist Travel/Transport NDIS Funded Travel & Transport for Individuals with Disabilities

At Wafi Care we understand the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities when it comes to travelling for work, appointments, or everyday activities. This is why we are dedicated to providing top-notch travel and transport support to NDIS participants, ensuring they can move around with ease and confidence.

What is NDIS funded Travel & Transport?

Travel/Transport is an important service provided by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to help people with disabilities access transportation services. This service is specifically designed to provide NDIS participants with the necessary support they need to access important services and actively participate in their community.

For NDIS participants, accessing travel/transport services is a straightforward process. They can easily request this service by discussing their transportation needs with their support coordinator or NDIS planner as part of their NDIS plan. Alternatively, they have the option to find registered providers offering this service through the NDIS provider portal or by reaching out to the NDIS contact centre. The goal is to make travel arrangements as convenient as possible for the participants.

Key Services Offered

Assist Travel/Transport proudly offers an array of NDIS funded Travel and transport Support designed to meet the unique needs of each individual. Some of our key services include:

Transportation to Medical Appointments: Ensuring you have access to healthcare professionals and timely medical treatments.

Access to Community Activities and Events: Access to community activities and events is important for individuals to participate fully in their community.

Transport to Visit Friends and Family: Helping you maintain strong relationships with loved ones and enhance your support network.

Access to Sporting and Recreational Activities: Recreation and sports activities are essential for physical and mental well-being. We ensure that everyone has equal access to these enriching experiences.

Access to Adapted Vehicles or Modifications to Personal Vehicles: Providing customised solutions for your exclusive mobility needs.

Transport for Attending Therapy Sessions: Making mental and physical well-being more accessible and convenient.

Why Access Travel and Transport Supports?

Under the NDIS, the Assist Travel/Transport support category offers funding to participants, providing them with access to transportation services. This important category has a clear purpose: to help NDIS participants in achieving their goals by helping them to travel safely, access community activities and engage in social and economic activities.

Our main goal is to empower individuals with disabilities, enabling them to confidently access work, appointments, and homes without facing undue challenges. Our dedicated team of professionals offers top-notch support to NDIS Participants, ensuring convenient and reliable travel experiences.

Here are several compelling reasons to consider accessing Travel and Transport services with the assistance of Wafi Care Services:

Reliable and Safe Transportation: Wafi Care services prioritise your safety and ensure reliable transportation options. You can trust that their services will get you to your destination securely and on time.

Access to Community Activities: With Wafi Care, you can fully participate in community activities. From attending exciting local events to joining social groups and exploring recreational pursuits, we ensure that nothing stands between you and the enriching experiences that await.

Enhanced Social Connections: Travel and Transport Support services facilitate connections with others. Through these services, you can meet new people, make relationships, and expand your social network, improving your overall well-being and quality of life.

Support for Economic Engagement: Wafi Care recognises the importance of economic inclusion. By providing access to Travel and Transport services, they enable you to engage in work-related activities, attend job interviews and access vocational opportunities, helping you achieve your professional goals.